By combining all three, you can beat big budgets and swell your grassroots support.


Creative Advertising

Everyone hates ads, including us. So we don't make ads. We make engaging content that makes the viewer want to enlist with your cause, and laugh/talk about it in the comments section. 

This long form video would have cost ~$1M with another agency. With our partnership pricing, we were able to make it for just $20K. 


Creative PR-ing

The press is your greatest ally. If you're interesting enough, they'll give you millions of dollars in free advertising, explode your growth, and get you more donors. 

Check out the press we generated for a small Utah nonprofit. With only $5,000 to buy Legos, flowers, and some flashlights, they got on every news station and in every newspaper in the state.


Creative Lobbying

With 50 local volunteers, we created an army of hundreds of snowmen asking Mitt Romney to support a price on carbon. The snowmen got on every news station in Utah, and 100+ other news stations throughout the United States, reaching close to a million viewers.

Two days later, Sen. Romney publicly voiced his interest in carbon pricing.

Total cost: $300



Our methods help get you more press, supporters, donors, and sit down meetings. Let us create a pitch deck with plans custom-created for your nonprofit.





A fundraiser that's isn't all gloom and doom. Rather it's funshine, rainbows, and zero-emission ponies.


April Fools' with Don Cheadle

We found a guaranteed way to get two Republican Senators to support climate action. DM us for the password.


A Far Middle Welcome

Proof that you can make a good video with $50 and a laid back executive director.



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